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Dark Side of Comedy – NOW Available

The Dark Side of Comedy is now available in Canada and the USA. Episode 1 – Chris Farley was the story of how Chris started at SNL with the rise and fall of this great comedian. I, Adam Oldfield, had the chance to live like Chris Farley and was provided the opportunity to be Chris Farley on the show.


The experience was extraordinary. Many clips were cut from the show, including me falling through a few tables, exercising similar to the final episode of SNL with the host of Chris Farley. However it was extremely well documented and put together in a professional fashion that best describes how and what Chris Farley went through

AM 640 – Radio interview with Alex Pierson

Alex Pierson invited to talk about the Dark Side of Comedy – Episode 1 – Chris Farley

I certainly hope everyone has the opportunity to Watch the program but more so remember this great comedian. I find it interesting many people under the age of 30 have no idea who this guy is. His legend will continue, his comedy precious and his personality one of the most caring and loving individuals.

You can check out the show on CraveTV in Canada or Vice TV online in the United States