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Share Your Stories | Adam Oldfield

It’s always an honour when I get asked to speak about my experience in the business. As much as I speak of the things I was able to accomplish there is much I also failed at.   In fact, I probably have failed in more times in my career than I have succeeded. Of course, success has yet to be accomplished.

But what I have learned is that failing is not the end. It’s actually just the beginning. From my failures, I have been able to learn and grow. I have been able to take what didn’t work and turn it into something that did.

I was recently featured in a business article discussing this very topic. Check it out below!


What started as helping my father quickly turned into a full-time business venture. I was always interested in business and my father was an entrepreneur, so it made sense to take over the family business. Due to circumstances was the reason that I took over Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning

The first few years were tough, as any new business is, but we persevered and slowly but surely started to see some success. We realized early on that marketing was key and without it, our business would not survive. So we focused a lot of our time and energy on developing creative marketing campaigns that would set us apart from the competition.

It was easy that I also owned the marketing agency, FPM3, which specialized in creative marketing.

I was able to use my knowledge of the industry and marketing to help grow the business. We quickly became known for our outside-the-box thinking and innovative campaigns. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun.

The business eventually started to take off and we began to see some real success. We were growing at a rapid pace and things were really starting to come together.

Then the recession hit.

Like many businesses, the recession took its toll on us. We had to make some tough decisions and ultimately had to downsize our operation. It was a difficult time, but we survived. And we actually came out of the recession stronger than ever.

It’s been over 40 years now since we started the company and things are still going strong. We’ve had our ups and downs like any other business, but we continue to thrive.

 I look forward to many more years of operating a business whether it’s a duct cleaning company, an advertising agency or any other small business operations. If I could do more I would enjoy it that much.

I’m also lucky to be asked again to teach  at Mohawk College to help media students with regards to sales and Entrepreneurship in the coming year.